Rules & Regulations


A. Students are required to behave politely at all time and not use indecent language or indulge in fights and quarrels with one another in the school.
The following practices are strictly forbidden:
I. Spitting in the school building except where provision is made for the purpose.
II. Disfiguring or damaging any school property.
III. Smoking any form of gambling.
IV. Rowdies or rude behavior.
V. Use of violence in any form.
VI. Casteism and communalism.
VII. Chewing of tobacco/pan masala or use of any kind of drugs.
VIII. Usage of mobile/motorcycle.

B. Any damage done will render the student liable for recovery of damage.

C. Every student should have his/her own text book, stationary, water bottle, note books according to time table and other materials required for students.

D. In the absence of teacher, students are required to observe silence and obey the monitor of class.

E. A student who uses unfair means in the examination will render himself/herself liable to such punishment as is considered suitable by the principal.

F. Any objectionable conduct in or outside the school will make the student liable for disciplinary action.

G. Students found possessing of reading any book or magazine of an indecent nature are liable to disciplinary action.

H. Every student should take care of his/her belongings. School authorities will not be responsible for loss of such belongings.

I. Students are not allowed to wear fancy jewellery or clips. Wearing of nose rings, chains, bangles, rings, bracelets, tattoos of any kind by any student is strictly disallowed.

J. It is the duty of all students to keep their class rooms and around the school clean and in the order. All waste papers should be thrown to the dustbin only.

K. Before leaving the class room at the end of the day, students Incharge/Monitor should arrange the desk in proper order. Put off the light and fans, shut the windows and then leave the class rooms.

L. Violation of the rules and regulations of the school and the code of conduct will render the concerned student liable to punishment including removal from the roil of the school.

M. Non-vegetarian food is strictly prohibited within the school premises. Students should bring only wholesome food to school.

N. PTM is a link between teachers and parents. So it is requested that every parent should attend the PTM regularly.